Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Barbara Phillips - Poet/artist/citizen at large


Toronto, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

Creative projects should build solidarity in communities.

Twitter: @blanchedeneige



A Portrait Of Souls And Songs And DialoguesNoise Challenge #8: The Portrait


The soul of my portrait lives in the air among the birds, tree branches, leaves, winds, clouds, and rains where it is possible to look at our earth to remember that we all carry on a dialogue with each other and with earth’s creatures and we are here together because we are part of a whole.The sounds we make during our daily comings and goings connect us and affirm our sharing of life on this planet.

I posted my video for this on You Tube because I think the video has better audio there.


City Bird Songs In Trees


Tower Clock Strikes A CueNoise Challenge #7: The Cues

Every morning I hear the tower clock as my day begins. It is the sound that is anticipated. I almost hold my breath

wondering if for some unknown reason the clock will not chime out the time, will break that link between my present  and its past. What we have in common is a past forged from the future and a present forged from the past

2013-05-24 18 48 3

Challenge # 4: The Sound TrackNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

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takeourlove1101038036In my walks with my chosen song, “Take Our Love,” the revelation that came

is that music is the thread that holds the world together. Everywhere I looked, people

were listening to their own soundtracks and going about their lives. It is impossible

to imagine that we could revert to a world of silence in which there are no connections to

music we create for each other.

The empty space sends out tentacles of temptations with intimations of intimacyNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

The Empty Space

The empty space is on its way to a fulfillment

The space is a chasm between two houses. It once held a deck which disintegrated. Now the space rustles with conversations between winds, tree branches, vines, dry leaves, and insects. The mournful regret held in this for what has been is an ever present long sigh which draws the passerby into reveries of opportunities missed and opportunities which can never be savored again. To draw this space back into a tentative promise for what can be, I have added a gate, a curtain, and shoes worn by the lovers who may briefly step into the neglected space to shed some of the warmth that once connected individuals who were perhaps soul mates or eternal lovers.

The empty space waits for a fulfillment.2010-01-01 00 01 42