Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Agnieszka Slodownik - editor, curator, street-arter, author of articles and short audiovisual forms


Warsaw, Poland

Why do I want to participate?

I want to be surprised by challenges that I didn't come up with myself. I sometimes make short street polls for, a born-digital magazine about culture (in Polish), and used to work in a radio station – sound is important, and THIS might be a different kind of stimulus.



Challenge#3: ghostsNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

In a week or so, this space will start dissolving in the past, loosing shape to gain a MODERN one. Since 2010 it’s been waking up for maximum three days a year to host a new media art exhibition. I needed to record its predominant shadowy status for posterity and say goodbuy to three editions of stress and euphoria. I brought ghosts with me to fill the empty tiles, leftovers of captions and the paint peeling off the floor.