Nomadic Noise Residency Collaborators

Andrew Shenkman - Writer/Composer


Toronto, Canada


My work as a composer, musician and sound designer has given me a long, fruitful relationship with art + sound, but 9 times out of 10 these experiences have taken place infront of a computer with headphones on (in the dark). Partly due to a desire to get some more vitamin D in my life and partly because of the extremely positive collaborations I've had with Labspace in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Nomadic Noise Residency and let my art out into the world. I'm looking forward to experiencing and speaking back to all the fascinating, awesome sounds that I've been ignoring with my headphones on.

Website: http://ashenkman

Twitter: @andrewshenkman



March 20th Sound SpiralNomadic Residency Adventure #1

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sound spiral

I made a little sound spiral that cycles through 9 sonic locations we walked through on March 30th faster and faster. It was a fun way to revisit the experience in a new way.

The locations are (if I’m not mistaken)

The Church of the Holy Trinity Courtyard

Eaton Centre Upper Level

Eaton Centre Parking Lot

Eaton Centre Lower Level

Yonge and Dundas Square

Outside a Clothing Store

Jarvis and Gerrard

Allan Gardens