Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Anna Fitzpatrick - Journalist


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why do I want to participate?

As a foreigner living in Sao Paulo this project allows me to participate in the city around me, which can be difficult sometimes  due to language barriers. I look a lot but I don't always pay attention to what I hear. The project gives me the opportunity to have a more sensual experience of the city I live in.

Twitter: @annabellaplum



Eu não entendoNoise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper

As an almost profession eavesdropper, moving halfway across the world to where I don’t speak the language has been like flying into a world of silence, almost like loosing the gift of listening. It has made me listen more carefully, to pick up the one or two words I understand, know.

But I often switch off. When I head home, it feels like everyone is shouting and I delight in the snippets of conversation I hear on buses or in shops and have to stop myself from joining in the conversation. Here that is not a problem.