Nomadic Noise Residency Collaborators

Aria Evans - Dance/Choreographer/Videographer/Editor


Toronto, Canada


Aria Evans is a Toronto-based emerging dance artist originally from the rainy West Coast of Canada with Aboriginal roots from PEI. Emerging into the dance community after 4 intensive years studying a BFA in dance with renowned dance professionals, Aria represents a current point of view as an independent choreographer and dancer. Circling themes of emotional fragility, social conventions and human relationships, she creates and participates in works with unique values that aim to break conventions by contemplating her cultural background. Aria has studied with artists such as Constance Cooke and participated and performed in works by Julia Sasso (SLoE) and Susan Lee (Dido and Aeneas). She is working with Hub 14 as an Artistic Director-in-Training and independently has produced works premiering at the Toronto Fringe Festival (Under Analyze Me and Pluto's Revenge) and has choreographed on herself and collaborated with her peers in professional environments (Rivoli Dances 4 and The Research Lab). Recently Aria has found a passion in the dance-for-camera genre giving a new perspective and edge to her choreographic practice. Currently she is working for Kaeja d’Dance as their resident videographer and editor while also undertaking production assistant work for two multimedia companies (BookShorts and Hop To It Productions). For more information and an elaboration of her work experience please visit:

Twitter: @MyNameIsAria



Formulating IdeasNomadic Residency Adventure #4

Walking around Queen West I came across a quaint building side with four balconies stacked on top of one another all connected by a fire escape. Immediately the idea of having three vignettes; one happening on each level, flashed across my mind and stuck. Using the imagery of stacking to connect to age I want to interview a group of children, 20-somethings and 60+ persons asking them to share a memory that has a specific sound connected to it. I will create three dances, using three dancers, one on each level,  that embody the memories while also playing a composed piece of music that incorporates the specific sound they talked about as well as spoken word from their interviews.

This is an example of an interview and the picture of the potential location.