Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Amy Dixon - Creative RN


Brooklyn, USA

Why do I want to participate?

At the intersection of healthcare and creativity is the experience of life - awareness of surroundings and reflection is the art of observation. And art is the exploration of the senses. I want to further explore all of those intersections to enhance patient care. This time through sound.



Reflections on Listening to a Song by Rammstein on RepeatNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

I asked a friend to suggest a song – the song selected: “Ich Will” by Rammstein.

It was a good choice as I hadn’t heard the song and I had no previous emotional attachment to it.

The following is a story about listening to the song on repeat for one full day.

Sorry for mispronouncing, Rammstein! (also recorded the story in two parts: present, then past reflections)

The Curvy Guitar: Challenge #3: The EmptyNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

The curvy mahogany acoustic guitar.

I don’t know how to play the sweet lady yet.

Her curves beckon me to a tune.

And the sleeky sexy strings flirt with me.

This fiery beautiful musical woman without a name.

I can think of a dozen songs to play:

Paranoid Android
Anything by Bob Dylan
Some Velvet Underground signature strumming
Something I create about leaving home.

Met with frustration.

Challenged by discipline.

Faced with an empty space, she calls.

A tease.

In time. In time. Patience.

The music remains in my thoughts.

The silence of an empty space.

Push on. One moment. One sound.

The Cat’s Purr of ComfortNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Noise Intercepted: Challenge #2 – The Little Things

I hear the cat’s purr every night – it’s become an expected sound of comfort and soothing. The cat’s vibrational song of serenity and peace.

My mom hasn’t heard the sound of a cat’s purr in a long, long time. Three years ago this month her husband (my father) passed away suddenly – she found him collapsed over his car steering wheel. A few months later she had to euthanize her old lady German Shepherd. Too much loss.

She’s slowly moved on to her new life as a widow, but due to health problems of her own believes it might be too difficult to care for a pet and travels to New York remain complicated for the same reason. She misses the rhythmic sound of purrs. We had cats in my youth: Mama Kitty, Squeaky, the cool Morrison (aptly named after Jim Morrison). My mom was the type to give milk and water to some of the neighborhood strays. She adores the furry creatures.

I played this recording for her on the phone the other day – the sound waves channeled through our multi-state phone connection. A little thing, a seemingly insignificant daily sound in my life, but one that cheered up my mother and made her laugh.

And also a reminder to slow down and breathe.

Industry and Nature – NYCNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

Noise Intercepted: Challenge #1 The Pulse of the City -

The city does not rest. It peaks and crescendos through wind and rain, chatter, and clatter.

As the day begins with the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop, noxious construction work on the street, and a windy day at the top of the Empire State Building chockfull of diversity – one by one the city workers go home, the tourists retreat to their hotels, and the city dweller returns to her apartment on a rainy night to find silence.

But a moment of silence amidst all that – even if for a nanosecond – is the rest between the pulses. The rare diastole within the constant systole of the living heart of New York City. Did you hear it? It rarely happens. This is a city of fibrillation.