Artist in the School

Today was our first visit with Zaid Edghaim, a sound artist, musician and Ryerson University graduate. Zaid will be be working with our class on Friday afternoons as students develop their art projects.

Here’s a quick reflection of the day:

Zaid and I greeted each other for the first time in front of the class. While introducing ourselves, students were attentive and looked curious. A student asked,”What is that strange device you have?” Zaid replied, “Well I have my own homework to do. In order to understand you better I will be recording today.” We explored Zaid’s work and brainstormed what particular sounds could represent our class.

Some student reflections…

“With an artist in the room, today I learned how many things you can get out of sound! The noise program is such a big thing with so many aspects like how many things make noise and the categories. I also kind of learned that if you wrote down all the noises that our class makes, it makes out class sound even louder than physically represented if you see and hear us. I learned quite ago about sound today. Zaid is a nice guy.”

“Today, Zaid said that any sound was art, I saw that my project could just be “sounds”. That is one thing I
collected from the visit today.”

“What I learned today was that sound can be anything and be made from anything. Even household items like plastic spoons. I also learned that there a sooooooo many things to make sound like spoons attached to a motor that hits things and not just recording things and then playing the on the computer. I didn’t even know you could take a college/university course on the subject. Overall I found this whole period very interesting.”

“Today, when Zaid showed us his final project, and I closed my eyes to her the sounds. This inspired me and made me want to close my eyes more often. It made me think of colours as illusions that make sound unclear and mucky.”

“Zaid’s visit today was extremely interesting. I have gathered a lot of new information today. I have learned of the many ways one can make sounds, such as with Xbox Connect consoled. Furthermore, I gained a deeper view at what can represent our class. Sounds, and Zaid gave me much inspiration for my art project. Perhaps I will even be a sound artist!”