Apnea Suite

Challenge: Featured, Noise Challenge #8: The Portrait |

By: Mike

The Noise Project: Portrait

Apnea Suite


My practice revolves around the idea of unconscious sound generated by the spectator. We live in our own auditory architecture. This can be seen as barriers of sound that have become a personal white noise, or the sounds of our existence. I find myself conducting constant analysis of the sounds I generate so I felt it would be interesting to examine the sounds of my true unconscious self, during sleep. My partner as well as my children consistently comments on the sounds I generate during my sleep.

Apnea Suite is culled from a 7+ hour audio recording of my sleep patterns. I was shocked as well as amused by the sounds I generate during my sleep. Shallow breathing, whistles, coughs, sighs, deep breaths and snoring comprise the source of this composition. I have mildly processed the work. I wanted the suite to speak for itself.

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