Photo Credit: Sam Pelletier


The Noise Project brings together a loose network of artists, producers, designers, urban thinkers, young students, and the public, to examine the concept of “noise” from a citizen’s perspective.

Through critical dialogue, experiential learning, and collaborative approaches to research, art making, and self-discovery, the Noise Project aims to uncover the invisible threads that connect us to our urban soundscape.

The Noise Project consists of three separate noise initiatives: the Nomadic Noise Residency, Noise Intercepted, and a collaboration with 30 grade seven students from Westwood Middle School.


Cities are full of noise that we have little control over. As urban dwellers we create noise and consume noise everyday. We tune in. Tune out. Plug in. Plug out. We internalize noise. Deflect noise. Noise can overwhelm us, distract us, infuriate us, inspire us.

Some questions we’ll be asking ourselves throughout the Noise Project: How do we negotiate noise in an urban centre? How does noise affect our ability to function in a city? What defines urban noise? Is noise purely auditory? To what extent do we have control over the influence of noise in our daily lives?


The Noise Project is a curatorial initiative produce by Labspace Studio.

Labspace Studio is a hybrid art house and creative agency based in Toronto, Canada.

Through our art house we develop interdisciplinary art projects, curate large-scale exhibitions, experiment with new ideas & methods of collaboration, and bring people together to mind-meld, collaborate, and showcase new work to the world.

We generally work on creative initiatives that reflect our interests in sociology, technology, nature, exploration, and the practical applications of ‘creativity’ to everyday life.

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Labspace Studio is run by Co-Directors, John Loerchner & Laura Mendes. To connect with Labspace and to follow the Noise Project, join our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter.