The Noise Project - Exhibition

The Noise Project brings together a loose network of artists, producers, designers, urban thinkers, young students, and the public, to examine the concept of “noise” from a citizen’s perspective.

Noise Intercepted is a global art project about noise.


The Nomadic Noise Residency: A multidisciplinary team of explorers set out on a five-month nomadic noise residency in the city of Toronto.

What does noise look like?
Thirty grade seven students attempt to answer the question: What does noise look like in my school?

The Noise Project on Artsync TV (broadcast on May 6, 2013)

What Does Noise Look like?

A collaboration w/
Westwood Middle School
and Ms. Barnes's
grade 7D class.


June 12-13
LucSculpture Gallery
663 Greenwood Ave